I don’t know what may have led you to this website, but thanks for visiting!

Sometime last year, a friend and I decided to plan a trip to Paris in 2016.  Being the obsessive-compulsive planner that I am, I started looking at hotels, airlines, restaurants and possible places we would visit even though our trip was a long ways away.  I started reading travel forums and blogs for reviews that would help me decide where we would stay, where to eat and where to go.   In the midst of all that reading, I discovered something: despite the the abundance of travel and food blogs on the internet, very few offered the content I was looking for.  Travel blogs, in particular, could easily be classified into one of these two types: those catering to budget travellers, and those catering to luxury travellers.  Unfortunately, I am neither of those two types.  I am somewhere in between.

I figured I couldn’t possibly be the only one in that category, right?  Surely, there are others like me who scour the internet for blogger reviews of mid-priced restaurants and hotels and flights, only to be disappointed that those reviews barely exist.

And so here I am, this occasional traveller who loves to dine out because she can’t cook. This is where I will review my experience of all things food (restaurants, delicacies) and travel (hotels, flights and tourist traps).  If you’re reading this because one of my reviews has brought you here, I sincerely hope that my reviews have been helpful to you.

Thanks again and hope you all continue reading!